About Sanatan Mandir of Sevierville

The Sanatan Mandir of Sevierville is dedicated to preserving the traditions of Sanatan Dharma while providing a serene sanctuary for worship, meditation, and reflection. We welcome individuals of all backgrounds to join our diverse community.

woman in purple and white sari dress
woman in purple and white sari dress

Our principles

Nurture your spiritual connection with divine energies through daily worship, meditation, and reflection.




Preserve and celebrate the rich heritage of Sanatan Dharma through cultural programs and festivals.

Embrace inclusivity and compassion by joining our diverse community and participating in educational initiatives.

Planned Deities

Ganpati - $2,650.00
Laxmi ji - $2,650.00
Durga ji - $2,650.00
Krishna ji - $1,750.00 - Sponsored by Hitesh Patel
Saraswati - $2,900.00
Hanumanji - $1,750.00
Hanumanji - $2,410.00
Ram Darbar with Hanumanji - $3,610.00

Prices do not include shipping. Interested in sponsoring a deity? Contact us.

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